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HI, I’m Alejandro Asensio and I’ve spent the last years of my career leading high-performance teams achieving diverse and challenging goals.

I’ve assisted and encouraged valued autonomous and responsible teams, always having in mind not only the technical excellence but also the human perspective. The majority of the efforts made in this line were focused on:

  • Technical skills progress: Hiring natural leaders willing to share their knowledge with the rest of the team and challenging them to get the best solution possible in terms of business, effort and maintainability.
  • Developer Experience (DX): Analyzing and adapting developer’s workflow seeking for pain points resulting in a tangible positive impact, not only for the team but also in the way software is delivered.
  • Shared & clear vision: Having a North Star that everyone can relate to was, and is, a great tool to align people’s interest and their decisions.
  • Agile mindset: There’s a lot of frameworks within Agile and, regardless of the one chosen by each team, I always foster to follow iterative and incremental approaches based on data in order to make the best decisions.

By doing this, I’ve impacted positively the time to market results, the robustness, resiliency and performance of the teams and their outcomes.

On the other hand, I’ve also led business and customer engineer teams encouraging:

  • Definition and creation of portfolio solutions fitting market gaps.
  • The best answers to RFP’s not only in terms of technology but, also equally important, using a great storytelling that allows the customer to appreciate how deeply we have understood their needs to make their wishes come true.
  • Supporting project teams to achieve their mission granting a broader knowledge of each client and their system.
  • Establishing meaningful KPIs to track the outcome of the initiatives promoted.
  • Innovation within the teams building Proof of Concepts, bringing also innovative frameworks to others allowing them to discover and tackle new challenges.
  • Share knowledge across the company besides the community. Technical community is a vast ecosystem with a bunch of conferences. By doing our bit, we contribute to the ecosystem improvement in certain areas less mainstream such as: Cloud Native and NoSQL Databases, back in the days or Data Intelligence, Smart Assistants etc.

One example of what was achieved thanks to the KPIs defined was to be able to track an increase the ratio of RPFs earned which demonstrated that the approaches followed were a complete success.

I’ve had the fortune of joining companies in a high-growth momentum allowing me to be involved in several challenges in a changing and growing environment such as: organizational challenges, scale teams, hiring people, evolving processes etc.

One of the most exciting parts of my work is facing new challenges in any kind of subject: from human to technical and even organizational. I enjoy twisting my brain, finding new approaches, validating them with others and making them real… always open to iterate, adding other angles or amend whatever needs to be changed.

Another great part, or at least how I envision my role in this world, is being able to share my knowledge and making others, and myself too, grow. I love doing lighting talks, tech-talks, launch & learn, hackathons and any kind of session where anyone can learn and share best practices with others.

This is one of the reasons why I’ve promoted a few Meet-ups (mostly in Madrid area) regarding NoSQL Databases, Cloud Native Applications and Emerging Technologies. One of the events I am most proud of was the organization of the Conference of Agile Spain (CAS) in 2017th. It was an event located in Seville addressed to more than 1500 assistants around Agile: round tables, key notes, open call for talks with a rating system and many details for attendees, speakers and sponsors creating a great experience for all of them according to most of the feedback received.

Closing talk of CAS 2017

If you would like to reach me out for any topic or professional interests, please contact me via Linkedin or Twitter. I am more than happy to meet passionate people.

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